Our Story

About Bejiali

The Bejiali company was founded by Ellie Jiali Yap in 2017. Ellie is an artist and textile designer who began our journey to provide environmentally friendly products. Her aim was to discover a sustainable way to combine her exclusive hand-drawn art with yoga lifestyle products and share them with the world. From then on the company has developed new ways to minimise our carbon footprint by choosing biodegradable materials and packaging.


About the designer

Ellie Jiali Yap, the artist behind the Bejiali brand, grew up in a small town by the sea in the south of England where her earliest inspirations came from the beauty of nature she was surrounded with. With a background in the Arts, she moved to London to explore her fascination with textiles. After graduating from The Cass School of Art, she travelled across Asia on a journey of self-discovery exploring her Malaysian heritage. Along the way she found another way of life and fell deeper in love with yoga and all things nature. Eleanor now lives in Scotland, where the Bejiali company was born and spends her time worshipping yoga and lochs and mountains.

“For as long as I can remember, I have expressed myself through my creations. My family’s influence and unwavering belief in my art helped me through the darkest times of self-doubt. Their support and encouragement from the very start enabled me to develop my creative nature and pursue my dream of sharing my art with the world.”