Creating a different yoga experience

Creating a different yoga experience

Article written by Ingrid Fadelli

Yoga can be a truly empowering and uplifting practice. When practiced regularly, it can help strengthen the connection between our mind, heart, and body, while also training us to be more grounded in the present moment and enhancing our general sense of wellbeing.

All one really needs to get started is a decent amount of space and a mat, or any other cloth to lean on. While a mat is merely instrumental to the practice itself, it can sometimes become far more than that, gently accompanying us on our yoga journey and partly shaping our experience.

BeJiali mats are designed to add an extra layer of wellbeing to our individual yoga experiences, serving as a guide, inspiration, and support system. Crafted with love and care, both for other humans and the environment they inhabit, the mats raise awareness about how precious nature is and how important it is to protect it, while also inspiring us to go beyond the physical and delve deep into our soul, creativity, and imagination.

It comes as no surprise that ever since they were first created, reviews for BeJiali mats have been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting their eco-friendly nature and the good vibrations they carry.

Here are some of the main characteristics that make BeJiali’s yoga mats exceptional and unique:

BeJiali mats are Earth-friendly:

BeJiali’s founder Ellie Jiali Yap’s philosophy of yoga mats should not damage the planet, but rather be a healthy part of it. The mats she creates are thus entirely or almost entirely (90%) biodegradable.

Their environment-friendly nature infuses BeJiali mats with positive and nurturing vibes, making those using them feel more connected with nature, in all its splendour and glory.

Bejiali produces two types of mats: cork mats and coloured mats

Cork mats are entirely made of cork (i.e., tree shaving) and natural tree rubber (i.e., tree sap), thus they are 100% vegan and biodegradable. Cork is also inherently antimicrobial, which means that it will never go mouldy and has natural antibacterial properties. Customers have reported that these mats are particularly great for hot yoga, or Bikram yoga, as the more one sweats the more traction the mats create.

“I loved using the mat,” says Gracie Da Silva, a yoga teacher who lives in Eastbourne (UK). “There is something very grounding about being on cork and something very blissful about practising something so beautiful.”

Coloured mats, on the other hand, are made of microfiber (i.e., cloth) and natural tree rubber (i.e., tree sap), so they are vegan and 90% biodegradable. These mats are good for all types of yoga and ideal for those who are looking for a mat with good padding, but that also incorporates a colourful and highly creative design. 

“P E R F E C T! Extremely beautiful, I’m very satisfied with this biodegradable mat and the good vibes it shares. :),” says Hugo Vallon, a BeJiali customer, on an Etsy review.

BeJiali mats are deeply artistic:

In addition to being harmless to our planet, BeJiali mats come in different charming and awe-inspiring designs, which stem out of Ellie’s unique creative vision.

“I brought 2 of these beautiful yoga mats,” says an anonymous customer in an Etsy review. “The colours and patterns are just gorgeous! The material of the mat is of excellent quality and so is its texture. I would definitely recommend this product for those who are looking for something unique and beautiful that will last long!”

BeJiali mats incorporate different elements that are highly expressive and evocative. Paloma, who bought the Kaleidoscope yoga mat, described its design as ‘hypnotic’, adding that she would highly recommend it to others.

“I absolutely love this mat. The colours are beautiful,” says Ashley Clark, who purchased a BeJiali travel mat, in an Etsy review.

All of BeJiali’s coloured mats are characterised by an explosion of life and colour. Those looking for a mat that is more discrete but retains a highly artistic quality can opt for one of the more simplistic designs, such as the Mandala or Alignment cork mats.

BeJiali mats support you in your practice:

BeJiali mats are not only beautiful, they are also carefully crafted to enhance yoga experiences. Both cork and coloured mats have a good padding, which provides good support for the hands, feet, and knees throughout one’s practice.

In addition, some of BeJiali’s designs can act as a general map, guiding users during poses that require alignment or helping them to best identify the centre of the mat. The ‘Alignment’ cork mat is particularly good for this, as it provides a ‘visual map’ that can be used as a general guideline on where to best place our hands, feet, or knees when attempting different positions. 

The ‘Mandala’ design is useful for finding the centre of the mat when practicing standing, for instance while in tree pose or mountain pose, but it can also help to place feet or hands most symmetrically.

“My overall experience was blissful and using the centre of the mandala as a centre point helped me feel more focussed and cantered throughout my practice,” says Da Silva. “The mandala mat is just plain beautiful and there is something special about having a real love for the mat you practice on.”

Combined, these three components make BeJiali mats exceptionally special, allowing them to enhance yoga experiences in a subtle and yet highly inspiring way.

As a devoted customer, I find that BeJiali mats have a delicate quality that is very difficult to describe in words, which is perhaps merely a reflection of their founder’s immense sensitivity, loving nature, and creative talent. They have brought an extra sprinkle of light to my everyday practice, making me feel more connected with the present moment and offering an unexpected sense of comfort, resembling that found in a kind, caring embrace. 

I deeply encourage you to give BeJiali mats a try, for their qualities and the feelings they elicit might truly surprise you. There is much wonder in being guided in your yoga practice by a silent companion that feels nourishing to your limbs and pleasing to the eyes, but that also works in harmony with our beautiful mother Earth.

Our New Zafus

Our New Zafus

Our meditation cushions are all created and handmade by our designer Ellie Jiali Yap.

From start to finish our Zafu cushions are sewn perfectly to give you the best posture and comfort whilst meditating.

Introducing you to our new Tranquility Zafu

Introducing you to our new Serenity Zafu

All zafus originate from Ellie’s hand-drawn designs and they are then printed on Organic cotton. The fabrics are then taken to our studio in Glasgow to be cut, sewn and filled. All the materials we use are carefully sourced to make this wonderful collection eco-friendly.

Finding your practice

Finding your practice

Bejiali yoga mats have been specially designed to create a way of visually stimulating your yoga practice. Our mats can help you realise your own potential by encouraging you to carry out your practice regularly. Having a colourful, comfortable mat can make a real difference to flow, energy and balance.

Welcome to BeJiali

Welcome to BeJiali

The BeJiali company offers bespoke products created by infusing our authentic original art with sustainable materials.
We offer a wide range of bohemian creations from biodegradable yoga mats to up-cycled handmade jewellery, organic interiors and accessories.

What does BeJiali mean?

Be Jiali is simply a matter of what we should inspire to be, which is to be happy, be lucky and be beautiful inside. It comes from our founder’s middle name who invokes this motto every day.

Upcycled Jewellery

Upcycled Jewellery

Upcycling jewellery is a great way to create a piece of wearable art. We offer unique trinkets which have been carefully tinkered by our team to create exclusive collections just for you.



Suncatchers are a therapeutic way to help brighten your home or workplace and are used to influence energy flow and ambience of an area. They also help to remove and neutralise negative energy.